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Unit 1: The role of the Leader

This unit is designed to get the Leader to take a ‘helicopter view ‘ of their jobs so that they adopt a more holistic appreciation of the key role that Leaders play within the organisation.


Amongst the things we examine are….

  1. The central role played by Leaders in setting and maintaining performance standards.
  2. What are the key responsibilities of Leaders?
  3. Characteristics of successful and unsuccessful Leaders.
  4. Why is Team-working so important?
  5. Potential problems of Team-working.
  6. Developing key objectives and targets for the Team.
  7. Reviewing performance with the Team.

Click on the link below to open a taster of Leadership skills.

A taster of Leadership skills


Client feedback :

From : Mr. Simon Lewis: Manufacturing Director , Burton’s Foods, Cwmbran.

“Dr John has delivered results within my businesses on numerous occasions. The great thing for me, is that John not only delivers results, but he makes it easy for me in doing so, as he is exceptionally good at quickly understanding how an organisation works, and focussing his efforts in the right places. He is able to work with everyone, from Line Operators to Managing Directors, which many may claim to be able to do, but few can actually do as well as John. I’ve experienced the good, the bad and the indifferent when it comes to external consultants over the years . . . & John is ‘excellent’ ! It’s all about results!”