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Developing a Business Plan: a road map for prosperity.


Why is a business plan important?


What is this course about?

This highly practical programme provides people with the essential skills, tools and techniques to stepwise develop or update their Business Plan.

And all this with our mentoring and support!

We will help you analyse the post-Covid business environment and show you the most appropriate tools to help plot a path to prosperity.


What techniques are deployed on this course?

The tools we will develop will deploy are practical techniques that can be applied immediately to help your business.

These include:


  •  Is your Business Structure appropriate for the changed world?

  •  PESTLE analysis of the changed business world

  •  Use of Porter’s 5 forces Model to understand the changed market forces

  •  S.W.O.T. analysis of your current business situation

  •  Benchmarking your current standing in the market

  •  Competitor and Competitiveness analysis

  •  Identifying your key Product/Market groups

  •  Boston Matrix analysis of your strategic Product/Market groups

  •  Is your Market segmentation appropriate in a changed world?

  •  Ansoff matrix : How Innovative is your business strategy?

  • How effective is your new product/service development process?

  • How sustainable is your business?

  •  Customer service analysis – have the demands changed?

  •  Developing marketing plans and Promotion methods

  •  Financial Management Tools

    • Cash flow statement

    • Profit and Loss account

    • Balance Sheet

    • Break-even analysis

  •  Capital requirements and Equity Management

By exploring these techniques we get companies to identify the drivers for change, external and internally, within the markets in which they operate and to understand the relationship between Competitive advantage and Customer Relationship Management.

The ultimate objective is for them to develop a customised business plan : a road map for survival in a changed world.

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