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Unit 9: Managing Poor performers and effecting disciplinary procedures


Unless poor performers are managed effectively the team can suffer. This unit seeks to examine the skills required to turn around the performance of underachivers.

What this unit covers:

  1. What makes people different?
  2. Identifying the different personalities we have within our teams (Belbin analysis).
  3. Is the balance right within our team?
  4. How do we motivate these different personalities: the P.E.T. factors?
  5. What causes conflict at work?
  6. Behavioral response to conflict: Aggression, Submission and Assertion.
  7. How do I act assertively?
  8. Handling problem employees.
  9. The critical nature of preparing what you want to say.
  10. Developing listening skills.
  11. What power do I have?
  12. How do others see me? : The Johari window.
  13. Emotional intelligence : have I got some?
  14. How do I deal with under-performing subordinates?
  15. Counselling persistent offenders.
  16. Following up the interview.
  17. The Leaders responsibilities under Employment law.
  18. Preparing and conducting disciplinary hearings.
  19. Do you know your disciplinary procedures?

Role-play is again an important element in this session.