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An introduction to Lean Thinking

This course is focused on exploring the fundamental principles of Lean methodology and incorporates a number of easy to apply, effective tools and techniques.

These techniques when applied in the workplace, will allow the attendees to become more confident and competent in managing a Lean project.

At end of the course, participants will have:

  • Knowledge of Lean thinking and how it differs from historic approaches.
  • Knowledge of how to develop a prioritised action plan for improving the efficiency and safe working standards of a manufacturing operation.
  • Knowledge of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) as a tool to visually show all the actions (both value-added and non-valued added) required to bring a product or service through to the customer: and how it can be used to improve supply chain and process effectiveness.

Emphasis is on giving the trainees simple but practical tools that can be put to use immediately.

This course is designed to transfer as much knowledge as possible during a short session and encourage the attendees to implement the lessons learnt (and realise the cost benefits) IMMEDIATELY by providing the necessary templates and support


Why should people attend this course?

Implementing a Lean philosophy approach like this has been proven to…

  • Increase efficiency and deliver a more cost-effective product
  • Reduce operational costs and improve quality
  • Deliver a consistently safer workplace
  • Free up ‘wasted’ capacity

Typical improvements seen in performance criteria as a result of such interventions using these methodologies are….

Job cycle times….                       Down 40 to 90%

Unit cost levels….                       Down 10 to 20%

Service delays   ….                      Down 50 to 90%


Additionally, non-tangible benefits are realised through….

1)       Greater Employee involvement

2)       Improved management skills

3)       Developing a more positive ‘CAN-DO’ culture.


What are the modules that are included in this course?
Subjects covered by this programme are the key principles  of the techniques covered in greater depth in the Lean toolkit…

(Click on the tab for the expanded course in the Lean toolkit).