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Managing Projects using modern techniques




How likely to succeed is a project?

It depends on whether you have the skills and tools to manage that project process!

This range of courses increases the chances of a successful outcome because it forces you to examine:

  1. Is there pressure for change – is this internally or externally driven?
  2. Do the people leading the project have the necessary vision?
  3. Are the people involved competent to take on the project?
  4. Is there a culture of project management within the organisation?
  5. Is there a W.I.F.M. factor? (What’s in it for me!) to motivate the interested parties?

How long  do these courses last?

It depends on what you need!

A. We start wih a basic Introduction to Project Management

Client quote : Ms. Maria Sparrow : HR and Training Manager. Woodpecker Flooring Plc.

Having worked with Dr John previously at another company, there was only one person to turn to when I was asked to arrange a Project Management course for our Management Team.  Dr John’s training is so unique, due to his exceptional level of experience, plus there was an added bonus, as Dr. Rhian Thomas co-delivered the course too!

Our management team came armed with their ‘projects’ ready to apply the techniques clearly demonstrated by Dr John and Rhian over 3 separate sessions. 

From the very first session, we instantly witnessed the impact the Project Management training was having on the team’s KPI’s.  We observed reductions in departmental overheads; refined internal processes; improved confidence levels in the management team; teambuilding; collaboration; and the entire management team came away speaking a new ‘project management’ language.

The benefits have been immense, so thanks Dr John and Rhian for delivering an exceptional course which is adding so much value to our business as a whole.

The Unexpected Project Manager.

Have you found yourself having to run projects but have never been formally trained to do so? Feeling a bit lost as a result?

This is the course for you!

We provide rapid Project management training in key techniques.

Through a series of 3 short 3-hour seminars we provide you with a series of simple but powerful tools and techniques which will significantly increase the chances of your project being a success.

What is included:

  • Defining clear project objectives
  • Factors that affect how likely your Project will succeed
  • Risk analysis of the likely barriers
  • Managing the people affected by the project
  • Developing a good project team
  • Managing the ripple effects from the project
  • Developing effective budgets
  • Simple timescale planning
  • Managing changes to the project
  • Closing the project effectively

How do we deliver?

We can deliver on-site or provide the course through a series of on-line webinars, delivered at a time and frequency to suit you.

B. In-depth  Project Management Training.

These courses are delivered in bite-sized modules to met your exact requirements.

The modules are focused on exploring the fundamental principles of successful project management and incorporate a number of easy to apply, effective tools and techniques.

Click on the link below for a typical 4  *3hr. course designed for a specific client.

Modular Project Management course

This highly practical series of modules,based on a lifetime of experience in the field, are individually tailored to the client’s needs and provides the attendees with all the essential skills, tools and techniques that they will  need to manage a project.

The course modules  concentrate on teaching the practical techniques that can be applied directly in their own workplace.

The courses are focused on exploring the fundamental principles of successful project management and incorporate a number of easy to apply, effective tools and techniques.

These techniques when applied in the workplace, will allow the attendees to become more confident and competent in managing a project.

A number of easy to use checklists and templates are also provided.

What skills will attendees have at the end?

At end of the course, participants will have:

  • Knowledge of organisational behaviour issues that impact on project success.
  • Knowledge of feasibility and risk management.
  • Knowledge of project planning and control techniques to complete projects on time and to budget.
  • Understanding of  the key factors involved in forming and managing successful project teams
  • Understanding of the application of motivational theories that enable project teams to perform.
  • Understanding of the communication management and project reporting techniques required to ensure successful project completion.


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