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Benchmark yourself against the best!

In order to help companies assess how they are performing in an increasingly competitive world , Dr. John R. Thomas Associates have developed a series of unique audit tools that enable companies to benchmark themselves against the best!

These tools allow you to measure your company against best practice in a number of fields:


The Lean Operational  Audit

How do your methods compare against the Lean practices adopted by leaders in the field?

What methods do you employ for  Business Capture, Supply Chain management, People development, Performance measurement and Operational methodologies?

Are there gaps in what you do?

This audit will help you identify and prioritise areas for improvement.

An outline of the range of Operational practices examined is outlined in this document : Operational review layout

Subsequent results (and later of course, the recommendations for improvement) are published as follows : Operational review summary

The Waste Audit

Where do you stand on the ladder to Zero Waste?

Are you on top of costly material waste issues or are you still to get off the ground?

This audit will help you identify the  ‘leaks from your process pipe’ : and help identify the ‘steps’ required to ascend the ladder.

Example of a Waste Audit for a Printing operation.

The Maintenance Audit

Over the last 20 years Maintenance practices have been revolutionised.
In many companies, costly breakdowns are a thing of the past, whilst others still have to call in the cavalry to repair constant breakdowns.

Where do you stand?

Is your company fighting fires or preventing them?

Use our Maintenance audit to assess yourself against modern best practice methods.

Maintenance audit document

The Housekeeping audit

Does your workplace impress your customers or put them off?
This simple tool helps you see your workplace through a customer’s eyes and helps you identify what needs to be put right so that you create a ‘Wow factor’ whenever a customer comes to call!