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Unit 7 : Introduction to Customer Service and the Supply Chain

Course 1  : The Essentials of Customer Service

The emphasis  during this session  is to get the team to conceptualise the whole supply chain, not  just the role of their function.  A failure in any link of the chain is a failure for the whole chain : whether they are responsible or not!

Amongst the things we cover are…

  1. What  is the customer  looking for from our organization?
    • Attributes of a successful Customer Service function.
    • Understanding Customers Wants and Needs.
  2. The supply chain : what are the links in the chain?
  3. What happens at the linkages in the chain.
  4. Bottlenecks ! What causes delays ?

Throughout the session we question the human and motivational  factors inherent in making the supply chain work, and continually ask…How can you affect the quality of service?


Course 2 : The Human Factor in Customer Service

Throughout this session we investigate how people factors can influence customer perception of the company. We teach effective Customer management techniques and get the participants to use these techniques to tackle problems which they are likely to encounter : often resolving real issues during the training course. Role play is used throughout this session to illustrate what can go wrong and to teach people how to avoid getting into difficult situations, and how to get out of them!

Subjects covered in this session are…

• Attitudes to professional Customer Service
• Interpersonal Skills
• Listening Skills.
• Handling Objections
• Handling Difficult Customers
• Personality types and how to approach them

Throughout this session we again investigate specific business problems and get the participants to use the meeting technique to discuss real problems they have encountered : often shedding new light on ongoing situations.