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From Pandemic to Prosperity : tools for recovery.


Building a robust business post-Covid

In response to the unique set of circumstances posed by the Coronavirus epidemic, it is important to give people the skills to thrive in a more challenging business environment.


In a report of October 2020 the Cambridge Industrial Innovation Policy unit outlined 5 policies to support industrial recovery and growth after COVID-19.

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What can we offer?

  • Analysis     We help you to define how your business environment has changed.
  • Expertise:  We identify the best tools for tackling these changes.
  • Solutions:  We use our expertise to come up with solutions.
  • Action plan: We develop a roadmap with you for implementing these solutions.

Skills for this new business environment:

A  suite of new courses has been developed that seeks to offer  a step-by step approach to making you business more effective and customer responsive.

It is applicable to all Industries whether Private or Public sector.

We can help you to: (click on the link for details).

How can we deliver these tools?

Increasingly, client requirements are for our support courses and mentoring to be delivered as a series of 1 or 2-hour on-line webinars delivered at a time and frequency to suit their convenience.

We believe this to be the most efficient and cost-effective mode of delivering training and support – particularly in these trying times.

We have the experience and specialist skills that enable our courses and support initiatives to be delivered using  both traditional methods or the latest on-line and multi-media tools.

We teach you the techniques and we mentor you to implement them!

New range of courses

In addition to our long-standing range of Lean and Leadership courses, we have developed a series of modules which seek to enhance the strategic skills of managers to meet this requirement.

These include: