The ‘Train the Trainer’ Programme

Programme Objectives

We have constructed a 2 * 1 day modular programme, by the end of which, participants will :

  • Understand how training people adds value to the organisation
  • Understand the qualities that good trainers needs to master
  • Understand the importance of clearly defined training objectives
  • Understand essential communication requirements and techniques
  • Have developed and practiced key communication skills
  • Have designed a presentation on a subject of their choice
  • Have delivered that presentation
  • Be able to assess training needs, identify where weaknesses exist and know how to develop appropriate training programmes.

The end product : what we want to produce :

  • A trainer who can adapt and cope with that complex (and often strongly resisted) process known as “change”
  • A trainer who can become a “change agent” for their respective organisation
  • An individual who is keen to help others learn
  • Someone who can analyse, design and manage the learning process

Click here for a taster of the course content.

This 2-day (3 module) course can be delivered on consecutive days or spaced apart depending on client convenience and the ability to release people for training.