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Unit 11: Effective Interviewing skills

  1. Writing a Job Description and Person Profile.
    • The correct way to describe the job.
    • Preparing candidate specifications. Participants will be asked to identify the sort of candidate they are looking for and word the job description accordingly. They will be asked to identify what information should not be considered to avoid being accused of discrimination.
  2. Interviewing Preparation: the process of planning the interview.
    • Planning  and structuring an interview.
    • Preparing appropriate questions.
    • Creating the appropriate environment for the interview.
  3. Conducting the Interview : Key interviewing skills will be explored.
           These will include:
    • Questioning and listening effectively.
    • What questions should not be asked?
    • The importance of body language and eye contact.
    • Recording and evaluating interview information in order to make a decision.
    • Using a structured assessment method for selection.Videoed role-play exercises will be used with participants asked to play the part of the interview panel members and the prospective candidates. The feedback from this will be discussed with the group and the learning points reviewed.
  4. Following up the Interview process : Closing the loop effectively.
    • Informing successful and unsuccessful candidates.
    • Counseling unsuccessful candidates.
    • Helping the successful candidate take up the role.