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Unit 12: The Lean Office – 5S in an Office Environment

The objective of the Office 5S course is to improve the Office environment by employing some simple but effective techniques  that:e

•Improve the Office safety standards

•Improve the way the Office is organised.

•Improve the efficiency of the operation.

•Make the job easier!

Office 5S Before and after

Topics covered in this course

1.  What does your Office say about you?                            

2.  World Class Office Standards – A 5S approach.

3. Organisation of ‘Runners’, ‘Visitors’ and ‘Strangers’. 

4. Management of files – physical and electronic.

5. Quick access to information.

6. How safe is your Office – have you considered the risks?

7. Access to escape routes and fire-fighting equipment.

8. Access to first aiders and first aid equipment.

9. The risk from trip hazards and  working at height.

10. The dirty bits! – Bins and Eating area rules.

11. Building efficiency into the way the office is organized.

12. Visual management systems to prevent errors : what does POK YOKE mean?

13. Kanban based stock control of office supplies.

14.Developing a prioritized action plan.

15. Sustaining standards through effective auditing.


How this course is structured :

Module 1 :  Sorting out the  Office environment!

What happens in a badly organised Office environment ?

  • Unneeded items begin piling up causing clutter and a poor image of the workplace.
  • Delays are caused because equipment and files do not get returned to their designated areas.
  • Electronic records take an age to find because they have been stored in an unsystematic fashion.
  • Equipment becomes progressively dirtier and breaks down more often.
  • Inefficiencies are caused by delays and duplication.
  • Items start protruding into walkways, being piled into corners, getting left on the floor , causing safety hazards.
  • Morale drops because of the unpleasant working conditions.

The objective of this module  is to remedy this situation by employing some simple but effective techniques that :

  • Improve the Office environment.
  • Improve the way the Office is organized. 
  • Make it a safer environment.
  • Improve the way the equipment is used.
  • Improve the efficiency of the operation.
  • Make the job easier!


Avoiding practices like this :Poor Office practice


Module 2  :  Can we make our jobs easier?

The emphasis  during this module  is to get the team to start identifying what causes time to be wasted and the importance of developing more effective  systems  and procedures.

Amongst the things we cover are:

  1. Why are bottlenecks happening?
  2. Mapping day to day activities to define where inefficiencies lie.
  3. Developing defined operating procedures
  4. Identifying training needs and where gaps currently exist.
  5. Managing training development.
  6. Developing an improvement plan.
  7. Simple project management techniques.

Our USP in all this : making it relevant to your organisation and your people!

Most importantly, all of the improvement techniques taught in these courses will focus on addressing specific business issues relevant to that particular enterprise (e.g. Poor performance,  Conflict issues, Quality complaints, Service shortfall issues, unacceptable delays  etc.) so that their relevance can be clearly illustrated.

The focus of what we will address in the course will be agreed with senior management in advance and will be configured into the course content.

In this way not only are people being trained, but they are being prepared to solve real business problems.

This course is structured in such a way that allows for a practical project to be run alongside the actual course.

Each module generally takes half day to deliver, but this can be modified to suit client needs. These module can of course be structured to be delivered as a series of 1 hour webinars to be delivered at a time and frequency as required by the client.

Taster of Office 5S