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Cascade Analysis and O.E.E. for measuring Process Effectiveness.

How efficient are your processes?

How  can you measure this?


Have you thought of using  Capacity waterfalls?


waterfall chart

Do you measure  O.E.E.?

OEE is the ratio of Valuable Operating Time to Planned Production Time  (as outlined in the OEE graphic representation below).

It is calculated as the product of its three constituent factors:

O.E.E. = Availability × Performance × Quality


The nature of this calculation makes achieving a high O.E.E. score quite challenging.

For example, if all three factors are 90%, the resultant O.E.E will only be 73%.


The 6 Big Losses

The Six Big Losses provide an equipment-based perspective on lost production time. Just like OEE, the Six Big Losses have their roots in TPM (Total Productive Maintenance).

One of the most effective paths to improving OEE is through the Six Big Losses (as illustrated in the graphic above).

Click on the link  for a taster.