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We offer a choice of Management courses for the 2020’s


In response to the unique set of circumstances posed by the Coronavirus epidemic, it is important to give people the skills to thrive in a more challenging business environment.

We have developed a series of modules which seek to enhance the strategic skills of managers to meet this requirement.

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Responding to a changing world!

How can we deliver these tools?

Increasingly, client requirements are for our support courses and mentoring to be delivered as a series of 1 or 2-hour on-line webinars delivered at a time and frequency to suit their convenience.

We believe this to be the most efficient and cost-effective mode of delivering training and support – particularly in these trying times.

We have the experience and specialist skills that enable our courses and support initiatives to be delivered using  both traditional methods or using the latest on-line and multi-media tools.

 Our USP in all this : making it relevant to your organization and your people!


We also provide a range of :


Leadership skills for the 2020’s

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An example of the courses we provide:

 The Effective Leader

Part 1 :  The role of the Leader

This unit is designed to get the Leader to take a ‘helicopter view ‘ of their jobs.

The course also seeks to develop a holistic appreciation of the key role that Leaders play within an organisation.

Amongst the things we examine are….

  1. The central role played by Leaders in setting and maintaining performance standards.
  2. What are the key responsibilities of Leaders?
  3. Characteristics of successful and unsuccessful Leaders.
  4. Why is Team-working so important?
  5. Potential problems of Team-working.
  6. Developing key objectives and targets for the Team.
  7. Reviewing performance with the Team.

Click on the link below to open a taster of Leadership skills.

A taster of Leadership skills


Part 2 : Adopting the Leader’s role

In this unit we investigate and practise the key skills required to do the Leaders job…


  1. Identifying the different personalities we have within our teams.
  2. How do we motivate these different personalities: the P.E.T. factors?
  3. What style should I adopt as a Leader?
  4. Deploying the appropriate level of Emotional Intelligence.
  5. How do others view you?  The Johari Window.
  6. How do I become assertive?
  7. What power do I have?
  8. Dealing with awkward people!
  9. How do I develop and train my team?
  10. How do I delegate? : how do I avoid becoming a Monkey carrier?
  11. Basic Time management.
  12. Remember the W.I.F.M. (What’s in it for me!) factor!


Traditionally, these courses have been delivered as a 1 day face-to-face format, but this has involved taking people off the job for a whole day.

Increasingly, client requirements are for the courses to be presented as a series of 1 or 2-hour webinars, delivered at a time and frequency to suit the client.

We will structure delivery to suit your requirements!