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Range of training services

In response to the unique set of circumstances posed by the Coronavirus epidemic, it is important to give people the skills to thrive in a more challenging business environment.

What do we offer?

  • Analysis:    We help you to define how your business environment has changed.

  • Expertise:  We identify the best tools for tackling these changes.

  • Solutions:  We use our expertise to come up with the best solutions.

  • Action:        We develop a roadmap plan with you for implementing these solutions.


How do we deliver these tools?

Increasingly, client requirements are for our support courses and mentoring to be delivered as a series of 1 or 2-hour on-line webinars delivered at a time and frequency to suit their convenience.

We believe this to be the most efficient and cost-effective mode of delivering training and support – particularly in these trying times.

After each session, the attendees are required to undertake targeted work-based exercises where they deploy the techniques they have been taught.

In this way companies can:

  • Design a unique support programme that meets their exact needs.
  • Progress at a pace that suits them and least disrupts their day to day activities.

 This is in line with…

The future of jobs report’ published by The World Economic Forum in October 2020 which stated:

  •  50% of all employees will need reskilling.
  • There has been a four-fold increase in the numbers of individuals seeking out opportunities for learning online.
  • Employers expect to offer reskilling and upskilling to just over 70% of their employees by 2025.

Our new range of courses

In addition to our long-standing range of Lean and Leadership courses, we have developed a series of modules which seek to enhance the strategic skills of managers to meet the demands of the post-Covid world.

These include:

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Rapid ‘onboarding’ of new or redeployed staff.

Another service we offer is a ‘tailored onboarding service’ designed to rapidly absorb new staff in key skills.

In this way they add value to the organisation much faster than if left to adsorb these skills in a traditional fashion.

(Adsorption is simply the process of adhesion to the surface. Absorption is a phenomenon of complete integration.)

Programmes can be constructed to contain the most relevant aspects of the above portfolio of courses, so that these skills can be learnt effectively and delivered rapidly.


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