Are the leaders in your business good enough?

Developing Effective Leaders : A Portofolio of courses


We offer a choice of Leadership development modules.

Our most popular choice is the intensive  1-day ‘EFFECTIVE LEADER’  course which seeks to cover the key skills required of first line and supervisory level managers.

This course is particularly useful for inexperienced leaders who need to understand their role in conceptual terms.


The ‘Effective Leader’  course : Our Flagship Leadership  Development Course.

Content of this course :The central role played by Leaders in setting and maintaining performance standards.

  1. What are the key responsibilities of Leaders?
  2. Characteristics of successful and unsuccessful Leaders.
  3. Why is Team-working so important?
  4. Potential problems of Team-working.
  5. Developing SMART objectives and targets for the Team.
  6. Reviewing performance with the Team.
  7. Communicating effectively with the team : the Johari window.
  8. How different people learn – the VARK learning styles.
  9. Identifying the different personalities we have within our teams.
  10. How do we motivate these different personalities: the P.E.T. factors.
  11. What style should I adopt as a Leader?
  12. How do I become assertive?
  13. What are the various types of power that a Leader has?
  14. Dealing with difficult people!
  15. How do I develop and train my team?
  16. How do I delegate? : how do I avoid becoming a ‘Monkey carrier’.
  17. Basic Time management.
  18. Remembering the W.I.F.M. (What’s in it for me!) factors

Although traditionally, this course has been delivered in a 1 day face-to-face format, this can be modified to suit client needs.

Increasingly, client requirements are for the course to delivered  as a series of 1 hour webinars to be delivered at a time and frequency as required by the client.

We will structure delivery to suit your requirements!

In-depth Leadership development Modules


We also offer a series of in-depth modules which explore the subjects covered in the Effective Leader course in greater depth.

The contents of these modles are outlined in the :

Developing Effective Leaders section of the What We Offer panel.

Click the link below to open one of these courses : the Effective Communications module :

A one-page summary of all the Leadership courses we offer can be seen by clicking the following link: People-development-courses-from-Dr.-J.-R.Thomas-Associates

Our USP in all this : making it relevant to your organization and your people!

Most importantly, all of the improvement techniques taught in these courses will focus on addressing specific business issues relevant to that particular enterprise (e.g. Poor performance,  Conflict issues, Quality complaints, Absence issues,  Unacceptable downtime levels   etc. etc.) so that their relevance can be clearly illustrated.

The focus of what we will address in the course will be agreed with senior management in advance and will be configured into the course content.

In this way not only are people being trained, but they are being prepared to solve real business problems.

Each unit generally takes 1 day to deliver, but this can be modified to suit client needs. These units can of course be mixed and matched as required by the client.