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Quite often the massive cost benefits offered by introducing Lean techniques (such as Workplace Organisation , Quick Changeovers , Waste reduction and Productive Maintenance systems) into your business are lost, because first line and middle management do not have the necessary skills to sustain the Lean programme.

This unique course is designed to solve that problem.

The course format combines the most useful aspects of modern Lean Techniques with the Leadership skills needed to realise the benefits offered by those techniques.
It is aimed at teaching people effective World Class Manufacturing methods plus the means of deploying them efficiently and effectively.


Format of the course

These key skills are delivered through a series of Presentations, Team exercises, Workshops and Role-play.

Emphasis is on giving the trainees simple but practical tools that can be put to use immediately.

This course is normally delivered as a series of 3 * 1day workshops separated 2-3 weeks apart.
During the intervening period attendees are encouraged and mentored to implement small-step improvements in their areas of responsibility, based on what they learnt at the previous workshop.


Who should attend?

This course is suitable for first-line supervisors, team leaders and middle-management in ..

  • Manufacturing and service sector businesses.
  • Small, Medium-sized and Large organisations.

Although a previous understanding of Lean techniques would be useful, it is not essential.

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If you have any questions please ..


  • Use the contact facility on the website
  • Ring us on 07900 982524