Stopping things from going wrong : Failure Mode and Effects analysis



What is FMEA ?

  • FMEA is a systematic method of identifying and preventing system, product, process and project problems before they occur.
  • FMEA is focused on preventing problems, enhancing safety, and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Ideally, FMEA’s are conducted in the product design, project planning or process development stages, although conducting an FMEA on existing products or processes can also yield significant benefits.



Failure Modes and Effects Analysis – FMEA – is essentially a technique for managing risk.

  • It is a systematic approach in which a team examines all the potential failures in a product,  process or project.
  • The failures are evaluated according to how likely they are to occur and their consequences on the company or the customer.
  • The critical few are highlighted and then action plans are put in place to either prevent them from happening, find them before they cause any serious damage or minimise their effects.


What does the FMEA do for us?

  • Reduces the likelihood of Customer complaints.
  • Reduces warranty costs.
  • Reduces the possibility of safety failures.
  • Reduces the likelihood of product liability claims.


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A taster of FMEA