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Current Management development programmes :


1.  A six month management development programme was run in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 across 3 sites  for Abbey Board : the U.K.’s largest sheetfeeder.  This initiative involved training and mentoring a team of people who are working on specific business improvement projects. Although the course focused on teaching generic skills, individuals were then mentored to apply the techniques taught to their specific projects. This generated a number of business improvement initiatives which when implemented realised considerable business benefits.

As a result of the tangible successes generated from  this programme, Dr. J.R.Thomas Associates have again been engaged to deliver a similar programme in 2014-15.


Client quote… Mr. Adrian Swindells    M.D.  of  Abbey Board

“I have used Dr.John R.Thomas over a number of years as a catalyst for improved and sustained change across the 3 Abbey  manufacturing facilities and in the support office functions. World Class manufacturing techniques and analysis have helped to improve the factory operations with safety and bottom line benefits and the world class techniques applied to the office functions have reduced administration time and improved customer service. The wealth of experience and the hands on approach have always ensured the teams are fully engaged.”


2. During 2010-12 we were engaged in a major skill upgrade development programme at Welsh broadcaster S4C.

Courses included in this programme :

  • Becoming a world class Leader
  • Interviewing skills.
  • Negotiation skills
  • Running effective meetings.
  • Getting the message across.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Effective customer service.

3. Extensive management skills upgrade programme for Burtons foods in Cwmbran involving the whole of the junior and middle management team.This is a 12-month modular programme based on formal, on-the-job and mentor-based training. The initial project was judged to be so successful that the programme has been extended. We have now started a second phase where we are targeting all the team leaders within the business.

4.A similar programme was run for Altrom Communications and DBK Technitherm in the electronics sector.

5. Team leader development programmes are being run by Dr. John R. Thomas Associates at ten David S.Smith Packaging locations throughout the U.K.

6. A management skills development programme was run for Business Centre Swansea.

7. A Project management workshop was organised and delivered for for L’OREAL Ltd. at Llantrisant.
Each of these programmes is specifically designed to match the exact needs of the customer.

All our Leader-development and Manufacturing-based courses are client-customised in a similar fashion.


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