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It is important for all businesses to undertake a review to identify key aspects of their business that may have been affected by the pandemic.

This initiative identifies where companies need to refocus their business practices in light of changes in the markets for their products and services…

…and perhaps the reduced expenditure budgets of their customer base.


Have a go at answering the questions posed.

Examining changes that have occurred to your markets as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic...
1.  Has the pandemic caused a change in customer demands for your products and services?
2.  Are there pressures to reduce the cost of your products and services?
3.  Are there pressures to improve the quality of your products/services?
4.  Are there demands to reduce batch sizes of your products/services?
5.  Have new competitors emerged as a result of the pandemic?
6.  Has there been a move to alternative products/services as a result of the pandemic?
7.  Do you need to offer alternative products/services into this changed market?
8.  Has anything changed in your  supplier base/supply chain as a result of the pandemic?
9.  Has the supply chain changed in any way as a result of the pandemic?
10. Does the company lack the skills or technological capability to compete in this changed market?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then we can help you!

 Have a look at how we help companies  develop a strategy for post-Covid recovery (Click on this link).

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