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In Spring 2024 we will be launching a series of themed 5S webinars.

These webinars (each 2 hours in duration) and delivered on a monthly basis, will be  structured as follows :

  • Module 1 : Developing a Safe workplace.
  • Module 2 : Efficiency gain through Organisation and Optimisation of the workplace.
  • Module 3 : Reduced downtime through advanced asset care: “In-your-face Engineering”.
  • Module 4 : Improved Quality through robust Visual management systems.
  • Module 5 : Standardising the gains : Developing safe and optimised working procedures.

A summary of the key objectives and outcomes from each module can be obtained by clicking on the following link :

5S programme.


This is a practical course with just one action plan generated throughout the programme!

  • Another unique feature of this initiative will be the continuation of an action plan throughout the programme.
  • Templates to generate actions will be provided throughout and support will be offered individually to participants.
  • A prioritised action plan developed in the first module to improve safety standards will be continually developed and enhanced by ideas generated during each subsequent module.

Further details on how to participate in this programme will be issued in March.

In the meantime, if you have any questions then please get in touch using the contact form.