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  • From: Mr. Brian Wark , HR Director  DS Smith Packaging

    “Dr. John Thomas has worked for DS Smith for over 20 years initially as an employee and latterly as a consultant, supplying operational improvement services such as Lean, 5S, Manufacturing Audits and various other training and consultancy services.
    During his time with DS Smith, John transformed many of our sites into beacons of excellence, working with local managers and crews, building engagement and commitment so that the improvements have been sustained.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending John for any business/operational transformation projects where engagement and pragmatic solutions are key.”
    February 1, 2016.
  • From: Mr. Simon Lewis: Manufacturing Director,  Burton’s Foods, Cwmbran.

    “Dr. John has delivered results within my businesses on numerous occasions. The great thing for me, is that John not only delivers results, but he makes it easy for me in doing so, as he is exceptionally good at quickly understanding how an organisation works, and focusing his efforts in the right places. He is able to work with everyone, from Line Operators to Managing Directors, which many may claim to be able to do, but few can actually do as well as John. I’ve experienced the good, the bad and the indifferent when it comes to external consultants over the years . . . & John is ‘excellent’ ! It’s all about results!”

  • From: Ms. Maria Sparrow, HR Manager, Bon Bon Buddies

    October 2015

    “Bon Bon Buddies was founded in 1993 and is today recognised as Europe’s leading provider of character confectionary to over forty countries worldwide. The company has developed its own brand confectionary and also boasts an exciting portfolio of licenses including Disney, Spiderman, Barbie and One Direction to name but a few.

    During late 2014 and early 2015 Bon Bon Buddies sought training that would help up-skill their workforce, reinforce previous training, promote career development and ultimately gain competitive advantage.Dr John R. Thomas delivered a Project Management and FMEA course to almost half of our UK based employees.

    Prior to John delivering this training he took the time to understand BBB’s business strategy and more importantly our desired outcome.

    John’s wealth of knowledge and experience was reflected in the exemplary feedback received from all employees who attended these courses.The impact of the training John facilitated resulted not only in an improvement of project management techniques of those who underwent the courses, but can be seen across the business as a whole.”

  • From: Mr. John McManus Senior Consultant at Efeso Consulting

April 2016

“I have known John Thomas for over 20 years and have worked with him as a colleague and also as a customer. John has a comprehensive knowledge of the tools and techniques of a variety of Continuous Improvement methodologies and is comfortable working with people throughout an organisation from boardroom to shop floor.
John’s ability to translate the sometimes opaque academic speak used in some of these methodologies into common sense, practical actions which can make a huge difference to performance have helped him to build up an impressive track record with his customers, many of whom have worked with him over a long period of time.
In addition to being able to make a real impact, John’s affable personality helps him to fit in quickly into the teams he works with.
I would have no hesitation in recommending John to help a business to move forward to a brighter and more successful future.”


  • From: Mr. Martin Topps, HR Manager, Roberts of Port Dinorwic.

January 2017

We were introduced to 5S methodology  by Dr John Thomas of Dr. John R, Thomas Associates  consultancy. The project is in its early stages and is now starting to gather momentum. The results are evident and are having a positive impact across the factory.

We are regularly audited by our customers and we hope that as well as improving safety and efficiency, we hope that we have a positive impact on our customers.

  • From: Mr. Adrian Swindells, Managing Director Abbey Group,  Bedford.

    November 2015       

    “I have used Dr. John R. Thomas over a number of years as a catalyst for improved and sustained change across the 3 Abbey manufacturing facilities and in the support office functions. World Class manufacturing techniques and analysis have helped to improve the factory operations with safety and bottom line benefits and the world class techniques applied to the office functions have reduced administration time and improved customer service. The wealth of experience and the hands on approach have always ensured the teams are fully engaged.”

  • From: Mr. Mike Grimwood,  Managing Director : Peters Food Services, Bedwas.

    “Firstly and most importantly I should like to thank you (belatedly) for the second project management segment. Without exaggerating I am already convinced that it has been the single most beneficial series of training workshops I have seen in my years in business. The guys have caught the concept and have been practicing application from day 1.. interestingly in Food Service where additional sales contracts requiring additional routes has been a key agenda item; or ranging is being reviewed we’re off to a flying start.
    So again many thanks. Mike”.

  • From:  Mr. Graham Coles, Plant Manager,  D.S. Smith Kettering.

    November  2015

    “ Dr John’s programmes are a very easily accepted Paradigm within an engaged workforce, his concepts can be tailored to bring out the best in individuals and teams. John always uses techniques to suit his audience”

  • From: Dr. Stephen Pratt, Consultant, Stephen Pratt Consulting

    “I have worked with John for over two years and can honestly say that his honest, no-nonsense, approach is not only refreshing but also reflects his professionalism. His accumulated experience is of considerable value to any project he works on.”

  • From: Mr. Paul Dade : Operations Director Abbey Board , Kettering:

    “Dr. John has undoubtedly been an asset to our company in the five years we have been working together. With his back to basics and enthusiastic approach to World Class Manufacturing techniques he has not only struck a chord with our employees but has also created the enthusiasm required to realise the benefits.”

  • From: Mr. Steve Marshall : Director of Business Centre Swansea:

    “Dr John Thomas co-ordinated projects for Business Centre Swansea to obtain certification for both the ISO 9000 standard and the Investors In People Award. His systematic approach made it easier for the staff to understand the relevance of both systems to their role within the organisation. I also believe that it has made a positive difference in helping them perform with greater efficiciency”.

  • From: Ms. Carolyn Kirby : Chair Cancer Information Support Service:

    “Self examination and change are always difficult, but John managed to make them exciting and even fun. He has a very inclusive style and ensures that the changes come from within the group rather than being imposed. Like all good ideas, they seemed obvious once he’d explained them, though we would never have got to them ourselves. The involvement of John as an independent expert gave the process credibility and avoided the internal difficulties we might otherwise have had. Much against our expectation we actually enjoyed our management review. John left us with a very clear plan which, because we all shared in its development, is proving quite straightforward to implement.”

  • From: Mr. Ken Wilson General Manager Kingspan CEE

    I had been running a well organized and efficient manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic for a couple of years and I was starting to ask myself – “what further actions could we take to run the place even better?” A colleague had recommended John Thomas and I decided to invite John to the Czech Republic to have a look at our plant and processes. I was amazed at how quickly John highlighted areas for improvement and trained the team in simple, practical and easy to implement tools that really work. I have seen the contribution that John has made to our plant and will continue to co-operate in the future. I am sure John would make a positive contribution in many areas to any business.

  • From:  Mr. David Dickens Managing Director Sofa Workshops .. (Part of the MFI group):

    “We have worked with Dr John Thomas for almost two years now. During this time, we have expanded our business and are now serving over 100 retail stores. Dr John has helped us to achieve this by running courses and coaching sessions to establish new standards and a sustainable continuous improvement culture. John’s flexible approach has proved in-valuable and this coupled with John’s style of training has helped our managers to become much more confident in their own abilities and so achieve some great results.”

  • From: Mr. David Coleman : Managing Director : D.S.Smith, Fordham

    “Dr John is an expert in many aspects of business and operational knowledge.He transformed a workforce of good operators into one of thinking technicians capable of amazing output levels, quality products and safety conscious operators. His work is simple, unambiguous and relevant to all industries, put forward in a understanding and interesting way for all levels attendees. I have great respect for his work and would recommend him to any management team wanting, and needing to influence and improve working practices and output and safety.”

  • From: Ms. Jan Attwood, HR Manager, Rexam, Milton Keynes Plant :

    “The training provided for our Team Leaders was very enjoyable and tailored to our exact requirements. Dr Thomas was very flexible in the training design throughout the programme.”

  • From: Ms. Kay Walters , Head of HR , S4C:

    “During my time as Head of HR at S4C John provided management training to the staff over a number of years. His style and approach meant that he was always popular and therefore delivered the required results. He quickly understood the business requirements and was able to adapt his experience in order to achieve S4C’s specific requirements in relation to management training.”

  • From: Mr. Alex Mulvenny: Managing Director Labelgraphics, Glasgow:

    “We started working with John Thomas 4 months ago & are already beginning to bear the benefits from sessions we have had with regards to increased productivity & waste reduction. His enthusiastic and simple terminology has been key to the successfully sign on by all our employees – giving empowerment to the operators we have seen changes come from within the groups. We are looking forward to further sessions where we will be targeting specific areas.”

  • From: Mr. Ian Sheperd : Managing Director :Rexam Glass , Gostin, Poland:

    “The adoption of John Thomas’s CAN-DO techniques, and the enthusiastic way in which they were introduced, has helped to transform our business from a loss making situation into one realising significant profit levels by harnessing and giving focus to the ideas, potential and contribution of our People.”

  • From: Mr. Mike Reed : Sector Director : D.S. Smith Packaging:

    “The range of techniques that Dr Thomas can bring to bear on improvement situations is extremely impressive. The techniques, coupled with John’s inimitable style and passion for involving the people who really deliver the improvements, never fail to produce positive results. If you are looking for an agent to bring about cultural change and commitment to continuous improvement, then look no further”.

  • From: Mr. Colin Preece, Director of Operations, Pristine Condition Ltd

    “I had the great privilege of working for Dr John in my very early days as a Manager whils working for DS Smith. His skills are varied but his ability to problem solve and remove barriers were at the forefront for me. John is a very inspirational man to work with and for, he takes great pride in developing businesses as well as the people within, or as John would say – ‘ your greatest asset’ His improvement strategies and tools have stayed with me throughout my career as they have with others. I would recommend Dr John in a heartbeat, he always delivers in his own unique and charismatic way.”